We are always on the look out for new volunteers to enable us to deliver even more exciting activities for our young people.  Our volunteers are normal people just like you, but by working together they make extraordinary things happen!  So if you can fit a little more fun and adventure in your life and have a bit of time to spare (whether that is weekly, monthly or just every now and then!) then you’d make a great adult volunteer.

There are a wide variety of roles available depending on your preferences, skills and time commitments. Here are some examples:

Section Leaders / Assistant Leaders – take an active part in the planning and delivery of the section’s weekly programme and activities away from the meeting place. Our award winning modular training programme will support you in getting to grips with your chosen section, as well as support from other leaders in your team.  Our HQ has been an assault course, the surface of the moon and even a cycle repair shop.  The only limit is our imagination as we plan our activities and that is where our leaders come in!  Their drive and commitment helps bring everyday adventure to our young people

Section Assistants – support the section leaders and assistant leaders as required. Uniform is optional and training covers only the basic topics which are important to keep young people and adults safe.  Our assistants regularly come along and help the Beavers make spaghetti towers or the Cubs build Dens, or the Scouts learn to boil water (…to cook the pasta that goes with the bolognese..)

Skills sharers and Occasional helpers – do you have a specific skill you could share?  We’d love to hear from you.  Our helpers lend us an occasional extra pair of hands, eyes and even feet! They help with craft activities, help to judge games and generally enable us to do lots of fun stuff!

Executive Committee members – the name for the committee of Trustees responsible for the running of our Scout Groups- like the board of governors in a school.  Essentially it makes sure that the best quality Scouting is delivered to the young people, and supports the leaders to help the group to run smoothly

Fundraisers- Are you a money making extraordinaire? Can you organise fundraising events that inspire the whole family?
Could you help us to organise four small events a year? We need you to help our fundraising team to stage fun and family friendly events that can raise funds for our Group. Every penny we raise is used to support our young people, so whether it’s bingo, bag packs or a barn dance the choice is yours!

Minibus Drivers-  Can you take us places?  Do you have a D1 category on your
Driving licence, and experience with driving a minibus?
Our District owns a minibus and we’d love to be able to borrow it sometimes to take us on new adventures- but we have no-one to drive it.
We are looking for volunteers to join a rota (so we wouldn’t call on you more than a few times a year) so that we can provide even more exciting activities in even more places.

HQ helpers – help to keep our HQ running, tidy and clean by joining our team of helpers…. we even provide a biscuit or two.

Please check out our page on  do it! for our latest volunteering roles